iPhone and iPad iOS Tips and Tricks

A quick post! There are loads of tips and tricks for any Apple Device, particular its OSes, but for now, these are the ones that I know of and constantly use.

iPhone and iPad

Tapping the Top Bar will scroll back up to the top of the screen.
Double tapping space bar when typing will give you fullstop.
Double clicking Home button while in lockscreen will pull up the Music play menu.
Double clicking Home button while in home screen will pull up the multitask bar at the bottom.
Pressing the On/Off button together with the Home button for a few seconds will start your iOS device – if it dies on you and pressing the on/off button no longer works. This is a must know if you don’t have access to Internet or anything to google about it. Otherwise if it really dies and this doesn’t work -> Take it to Apple’s Genius Bar.

iPad only

Sliding two fingers from the middle of the keyboard outwards will split your keyboard in two, making it easier to type in landscape mode.
4 or 5 finger pinching the screen will bring it back to Home screen. I prefer this over actually pressing the Home button to avoid breaking it later, those Home buttons are the least durable.
4 finger swipe side ways while in an app will switch between your active apps.
4 finger swipe bottom to top will bring up the multitask bar.
Charging iPad Mini through your PC via USB actually works despite what it says on the screen, haven’t tried with the iPhone.

Do you use any of these? Do you know of any others?


Playstation 4 and Whiners

Warning: this will be a fairly gamey, geeky post.

First of all I was able to listen in on most of the “Playstation Meet 2013” live event announcing Sony’s Playstation 4 yesterday. I also read up on it from various forums and blogs. And then I saw this video that just about sums everything up in 3 minutes. I fucking love this video and you should probably watch it to find out why.

Anyway, here’s a few key points I learnt yesterday:

Point #1 – that there are a bunch of useless people out there who need to STFU about

  • Sony not presenting the actual hardware.
    I understand why there may be a few eyebrows raised or a question as to why they didn’t actually show the actual Playstation 4, but people really didn’t have to make the biggest deal or pull all of their hair out over it. Hair is precious. Someone commented on rather seeing what it looks like over the talking, the talking that you know, tells us what it does. In other words, he wants to see a black box, literally. Heeeeeeey guess whattttttt, it’s going to beeeeeeeeeeeeee a black box! 😀
    I honestly hadn’t noticed they didn’t show what it looked like until much later because you know what? IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. And only brings in more hype for E3. (The real reason behind is because they haven’t finalised the design).
    … Alright fine, here’s a picture of it. Top secret. It has wings. Everything from the future has wings.
    the real deal
  • PS4 not being more powerful than a high-end PC
    Oh no, this shit again? We know. We god damn know the PC will always be more powerful. Unless you want an annual upgrade, I don’t think it’s going to happen. It also won’t be at the price it will be if built like a high-end PC. DUH DUHHHHHHHHHHH. Why, why do PC gamers have to step all over console gamers, just go away and play your own shit and leave us alone. It’s a different piece of hardware and experience altogether, so go away and go … pick on someone your own size!
  • Lack of women presenters
    HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA, I mean what? I mean, I don’t even… how is this even relevant at all? Big bloody friggin deal, dumbasses. I’m a woman and even I don’t see a problem or give a shit. We’re not talking about period pain or pregnancy labour pains here, in which case I would probably find it odd if there were no women presenters… maybe. I’m not sure.

Point #2 – that there are some pretty cool games coming out and I am excited about

  • Watch Dogs
  • … shit, I can’t remember the rest, I only remember that THERE WILL BE A FINAL FANTASY GAME, because that’s pretty much the only thing Square Enix came out to say. One sentence and everyone jizzed.
  • …and then there was Blizzard which got me even more excited. Could they be bringing in a new IP?! Nope, just Diablo 3.
  • …and HOLY SHIT how could I forget. Bungie’s Destiny. As in, Bungie, the guys behind Halo. Bungie you, finally releasing something for Sony, youuu.

Cool games and all but then I realised they were going to be released for the PS3 and other platforms anyway, so what’s my purpose in buying the PS4 then? Where are the exclusives? Where is Final Fantasy Versus? WHERE IS THE LAST GUARDIAN?

Yeah, I mean, the graphics were good for some of these trailers and demos, but they were only a bit better than the best of PS3, until I saw this.

Woooowwwww, that’s amazing. They should make a Game of Thrones PS4 game with that kinda quality. I’ll play it.

Point #3 – that they didn’t forget about the PS Vita and it was a good thing I didn’t sell it

The best bit being remote play, where I can play PS4 games on my Vita away from the TV. This will be super useful since my mom uses the TV fairly often.

Point #4 – that I really didn’t give an ass about the specs, I just wanted to know about the games

Point #5 – that I will probably buy it anyway, eventually; particularly if they have really awesome exclusives, but it seems like they don’t, so far anyway. E3 will tell

So basically my biggest lesson yesterday was that I probably shouldn’t go around reading people’s stupid comments because I went from pretty excited to pretty angry. A bit ironic here but eh.

iPad Mini Cover – Incredible Shield

I’ve been meaning to post this some time ago primarily because I really want to show you this really ugly photo. Ho ho ho.

I hate covers in general. I prefer having my Apple things as they were designed – NUDEEEEE and pretty. So with the exception of a Smart Cover which can be easily removed every time I use it, I only ever have screen protectors and body films on. Most people can’t tell I have anything on my iPhone, but it’s covered back and front. And so is my iPad Mini.

I bought this, Spigen SGP’s Invisible Shield!

There’s also an ULTRA COAT version which wasn’t available at the time and is the shiny, glossy version as opposed to this matte one. Having seen some videos of the Ultra Coat, I gotta say I prefer the Matte version. This is the brand I use for my iPhone as well. They give you different options and I normally opt for the Ultra Crystal screens that do not change the display at all, it’s also the thickest but isn’t fingerprint-free. I’ve dropped something sharp and very heavy on my iPhone screen before and it ended up denting the screen protector but nothing on my actual screen. Awesome stuff.

NOW for the iPad, the screen is easy to install, like any and because I’m awesome. So much that you can’t tell. BUT the back however… isn’t flat and glass… the film isn’t hard!! Anyway, I thought I was really awesome at applying these things so my first go turned out like this…. and cringe you will

Ugly Spigen SGP Incredible Shield

😦 The instructions tell me bubbles will go away in a day or two. The next morning, it didn’t really look any better so I decided to re-apply it, because the film, unlike the screen protector, is reusable. I redid it in a half-assedly manner I guess, since I kinda gave up already and it then looked like this

Spigen SGP Incredible Shield

Heaps better right? I wasn’t going to peel back a 3rd time… so I just gave up then. I was really sad because I believed in SGP! And sad because I could have done a better job had I followed a youTube video. -_-

But lo and behold, a few days later, it looked like this

Spigen SGP Incredible Shield

Hell yeah! The bubbles were gone and the only thing left was dust I caught from my second application and the screw ups that scarred it from the 1st. Given a brand new set, I’m fairly certain I can get it to look perfect. Faith in SGP restored and now happily flinging my iDevices around without worry, and also enjoying the original weight it should be.

I’d show you what the front screen or my iPhone looks like but…. it’ll just look like it’s nude so no point there, with a few scratches. And you know, it’s always really cool when people tell me or ask me why I don’t protect my iDevices. Well, that’s because I already am.

So there you go, Spigen is definitely my go to brand for all my small device protection. They don’t just do iDevices, they do everything so if you’re looking for something similar, go check them out. This set was about $30 and totally worth it; I got it from their eBay store (sgpstore1).


I did my sister’s one and it basically looked like pic 3 first go and better. I think the trick is to, well follow the video instructions, BUT also use a crap load of the spray included onto the sheet. 🙂

My big iPad Mini Review

My last two posts have largely been about the iPad Mini, the good and the bad, so of course it makes sense to conclude this trilogy right!

So I caved in as soon as I played with it at the Apple Store. Reading about it online initially made me think I didn’t want one because of the crazy price and what it might be lacking. Wrong. I love my iPad Mini.


iPad Mini and iPad 2

At 7.9″ it means it’s wider than your average 7″ Nexus or Kindle and is literally a scaled down version of the bigger iPad 2. When I first played with the Nexus 7, I felt a bit claustrophobic and I can see why now. That extra width means a lot more to me due to the various different apps that I use. It’s perfect.

The weight, to everyone’s delight, is mega light being the lightest 7+” tablet in the market. I can comfortably hold the iPad with one hand around the edges on one side with no issues.

And the screen, oh, the screen, everyone talks about the screen. It’s not Retina display, oh no. And it really is oh-no if you’re used to it. I thought I would be affected because of the iPhone 4S retina screen but nope, after several days now and hours staring at it, I’m pretty okay with my screen at the price I paid. Any more however and I would be complaining for a retina version.

The battery, as per usual, is Apple-standard. Advertised at 10 hours usage, it’s been tested to last up to 12. A few days worth of usage before charging for me!

I chose the Apple REDelicious Smart Cover. It serves its purpose to protect the screen but I find it doesn’t snap quite as accurately as the bigger version and thought it didn’t sit correctly on my screen when I saw it stick up in the middle, but turns out all you need to do is make sure you snap and slide to the right. [UPDATE] Oh, I see it now, it really does not snap to the screen very well when it’s sideways in my bag. It’s practically coming off. That really is no good 😦

4G LTE? Not rich enough to spend an extra $40 per month for 1GB of data, nope. I will tether my iPad to my iPhone which works perfectly okay, besides it killing my iPhone battery and also my data. I found I can download most of it at home anyway before heading out so that saves me a load, like SMH.

Did I mention it looking really pretty? Its design is really a hybrid iPhone 5 + latest iPod Touch, rather than the iPad and it looks fantastic – the black one. In summary, it feels and looks great.

Apps and choosing the right size – important

I looked at my iPhone and my mom’s iPad 2 data usage and thought a 16GB version would be more than enough to last a year before upgrading (also because the 32GB is a stupid $110 extra). An iPhone will typically be used to store your camera photos and videos, music and your apps. The first three would most likely take up most of your space and why most people opt for a 32GB version, because they like to go snappity snap with a phone camera. For an iPad, I thought my usage wouldn’t include snappity snap so of course the 16GB was perfect, right? Wrong. They really shouldn’t have been classed together like that. What you do on your iPhone isn’t the same as on your iPad. Let’s have a look at why, after a few days only, that I only have 9GB left on my new iPad Mini.

I bought Wine Simplified after seeing it on Gizmodo because I am a complete newb with wine and it looked like an informative, fun and interesting interactive read. $11. 380MB

Reading manga woo!

I’m an avid manga reader so I bought Manga Storm for $4.50. This allows me to stream or download manga to read on the go from various sites including the popular mangafox and mangareader. The iPad Mini was made for this, I’m certain of it. It’s a thousand times better than reading it on my laptop or PC. That extra width I mentioned? Looks bloody great on it and is super easy to use. Love it. I downloaded around 90 chapters of Billy Bat and that was 400MB already. You can see how this could easily take up loads of space.

iTunes U! Free university courses! Yay, if that’s your thing. I subscribed to Stanford’s iOS App Development course, downloaded the notes and ONE lecture video. 800MB. That’s 700MB per lecture so if I’m ready to download the entire course, that will cost me the rest of my 9GB I’m afraid.

I also like playing games so I downloaded Bejeweled and some Zombie game. A few hundred MBs. That’s only 2 games. Two.

Then there’s Apple’s NewsStand. Provided I’m cheap for magazines so only found SMH and Emporium Myer as free subscriptions, that’s probably a few MBs too. Mind you, they look greaaaaat.

So there you have it. I haven’t even added my music yet. And maybe some movies to watch on the go when I travel? Some books? :[ Now it just means I actually have to be aware of my data and delete when necessary, something I don’t have to bother with on my 32GB iPhone. I hadn’t realised I could do so much more with a portable iPad and I only just started. I thought I would be ‘trying’ to look for things to do but now I have too much to do.


Yes, I still hate Apple Maps. It still sucks and it still gives me crap directions compared to Google Maps. I hate it and pray that Google quickly release their own version soon.   Other than that, I don’t really notice it being too different from iOS5. I do however appreciate that we can FINALLY download and update apps from the App Store without leaving the damn App Store.

Tips and Tricks

The thing with Apple products, and this is inclusive of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, is that you’ll always find new tips and tricks and be wowed. I’ll write a new post around what I know but here’s a trick that I didn’t know about and has apparently been there forever for iPads.

Swipe both your thumbs from inwards to out and the keyboard splits in half! So as to allow for ease of typing. HUH. But. It was pretty amazeballs to me.

A new advertised feature for the iPad Mini is when your iPad recognizes that you’re ‘resting your thumb on the screen rather than using it’ trick. This was much needed because the iPad Mini has a surprisingly thin bezel on the sides which means you will end up placing your thumb on the screen sometimes. I end up avoiding it but I find it works in some apps and not some other apps, like Manga Storm.


I’m loving my expensive new toy. I find myself going for it instead of my MacBook Air at home sometimes which is pretty crazy, and love using it on my train trips. I never wanted an iPad, mainly because of the size and weight. This, this is good. If you’re deciding on choosing a tablet, I say check them out in store! Because this time round, it’s largely to do with how good it feels in your hands.


Apple’s 14 day return policy! I am going to swap it for a 32GB version, if they’re in stock.

Further Update

I successfully swapped my 16GB with a 32GB and already, I only have 15.3GB left. Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa.

Apple’s latest – iPad Minis and Stuff

I don’t really know what to make of the Apple news today. For once, I forgot all about it until I opened up Gizmodo – gee, I wonder what that says.  In case you haven’t stepped out of your shell, they’ve announced some new Apple things.

A smaller iPad – iPad Mini

My excitement for Apple products is slowly dying, or maybe it’s already dead. They really do suck balls at keep secrets now, it’s no longer fun to predict, it’s just there in your face. Anyway, this smaller iPad thingo eh? Everyone’s reaction or question seems to be “What is it for?” And if I remember correctly, it’s the same question asked when the first iPad was released. “What’s it for when we have laptops?” OH herp derp. Think of it however you will, whether it’s Apple realising there’s actually a market for it (Nexus 7, Kindle) or they want to give you more options.

Apparently the spec isn’t that great, but it’s still a premium looking small tablet. Again with the glass and aluminium vs plastic-looking Nexus/Kindle. It’ll run fine. It’s an iDevice and they always run ok. Their batteries are always decent and everything will be as per usual so I think it’s safe to say it’ll be a pretty neat device.

But then what’s up with the ridiculous pricing? It starts at $369AUD for a 16GB Wifi model and goes all the way up to $729. Has Apple been so arrogant as to completely ignore its competitor’s pricing? Or is it because their iPod Touch is $329 and it would be stupid to price the Mini lower than that? Yeah, it would be. Oh you, Apple, why be an douche for~

Alas, it’ll be successful. People will find uses for it, because we all like the feel of using an iDevice, they’re just so smoooth and nice to use. The ‘experience’ and all that kinda shit, it’s true. I’m surprised there aren’t more stats comparisons between iOS and Android usage.

Are you getting one? I’d get it if it didn’t force me to use Apple Maps and it was 100 bucks off. Guess it’s a no. Maybe when I see one physically will I decide if I need or want one for travelling purposes. I find the iPad too big and heavy for that.

The same iPad – iPad 4

Ooohhh how this has pissed soooooooo many people off, them iPad 3 owners! But don’t worry iPad3Owners, it’s only a simple bump in specs, it’s not like it’s outrageously better than the 3rd model. It’s not even good enough for iPad 2 users to upgrade to, pfft. It just makes sense for Apple to release something new before the holidays.

Thin-ass iMac – HOLYBBQ this. 

O M G, This. THIS. THIS IS SEXY. This stood out most for me. I never, ever paid attention to iMacs. They were… just… iMacs. I still use a PC as desktop, but looooooook at it, just look at how thin it is! It’s so pwerdy. So pWerdyyyyyy. I’m going to have to say…. I will eventually get one of these when my PC isn’t good enough for many things – and then install Windows on it . . .

13’inch Macbook Pro Retina – Niiceeee

I have a MacBook Air so it’s preeeeetty much impossible for me to go back to Pros, no matter how thin, they won’t be as thin as an Air. But that doesn’t stop me from oogling at their Retina displays, which I don’t need.

15″ has always been a bit too big for most people, particularly if they need to carry it around, so this is definitely a very nice addition to the family of Pros 🙂 I like.

and something about the MacMini, but anyway…

Phones getting bigger, tablets getting smaller. When will they clash? I guess they’ll eventually be the same thing.

How did you find Apple’s announcements? Are you getting anything?

Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 5 [Updated]

Aand as previously heavily leaked, here it is – the iPhone 5. Here’s a nutshell of what I picked up at 5:40am this morning.

On the outside, it’s an elongated iPhone 4S, thinner and sexier in terms of build and finish. It’s also very, very light but apparently still feels like a solid iPhone. No plastic-y cheap feel.
On the inside, it’s an overall upgrade from the 4S. From screen display, front camera, CPU, battery(!) and all that sort of stuff.
The new stuff? A new tiny connector at the bottom that can be plugged in both ways called Lightning. Audio jack at the bottom. And LTE connectivity (yay Telstra~). Oh, and iOS 6.
What’s missing? Mega camera upgrade and NFC – but it’s Apple, they don’t normally bother until it’s more widely used and accepted before plugging it in so perhaps next year. Quite disappointed about no camera upgrade.

So … new connector that will render your accessories useless huh. Yes, it’s very annoying and may seem stupid to you. But this is what pushes technology forward and is usually for the good of everything. A smaller connector means more room for other shit that matters. So I have no issues with it… except the adapter is way too expensive.

I mentioned before I would be disappointed if it was as leaked because I thought it pretty ugly. But seeing the videos and images from Apple, my fanboyism kicked in and My god this thing is really pretty. I’ve been looking forward to a thinner iPhone for a while now and it’s here~

I currently have an iPhone 4S so I’m still um-ing and ahhing about getting the 5. In all honesty, I don’t need it. But I sort of want it, maybe a bit more than sort of. And I know that this upgrade is just enough to make the 4S feel fat and ugly. Being a geek is expensive sometimes.

Should you get it? Anyone with an iPhone older than the 4S – yessssss. I think it’s a good upgrade and you WILL, as always, notice the difference in terms of feel and speed. Nothing too innovative, but a speedier, prettier, lighter version? Why not. 4S owners? If getting the 5 means you can’t get the 6, then I would rather wait for the 6.

If you’re in Australia, you gotta get it with Telstra though, otherwise it’s just pointless.

What do you think? Are you going to get one? It will be released 21st September.


The Telstra plans are out, and yes, I’m not even going to bother looking at Virgin or Optus plans because frankly, their network is still shit in terms of coverage, reliability and speed.

Looking at only the average person’s plan which is a 32GB iPhone and 1.5GB of data, the Telstra plan is $86 / month. That. Is. Just. Fking. Expensive. I’m on the same plan for the 4S last year and it’s less than $70. Crazy. So buying outright and going prepaid is the best option.

I’ve decided against buying one outright because after all, it’s $899 and I just don’t need it. Sigh.

I can finally play Final Fantasy 6,7,9 on my PS Vita

So I have one of these, a Playstation Vita or PS Vita for short.

My crappily taken PSVita

Except it’s been collecting dust. BUT NOT ANYMORE. I don’t know if you can see, but the 3rd row of bubbles …


… This probably doesn’t mean a lot to many of you, but to me… ;_; I’ve been waiting so long for this. My PS Vita is finally compatible with PSOne Classics. And I can finally play the shit out of my Vita.

If you know what the hell I’m going on about and wondering why the hell I have this beautiful advanced piece of hardware and using it to play old school games… well, let me tell you… I am not the only one. And you are probably born after the year 1995. Old school games are just meant to be played on on-the-go devices.

“Oh but what about the PSP?” The PSP is a piece of poop in my opinion. Sure sure, I play the Vita for old school games but I also want to play CoD on it and frankly, the PSP is limiting. So why not get something that allows the best of both worlds!?

So there you have it, I am going to play the shit out of Final Fantasy VI, VII and IX. I’m going to breed every single possible combination of a chocobo ever and fight them ultimas and explore every inch of the world map and talk to every single friggin person there is. I am also exaggerating to the max, but only by a little.
And when they release the other FFs, you bet I will be playing the crap out of them too.

Tip 1: The games will begin in a smaller window than the screen but fear not! Pressing the screen until the settings pop up allow you to zoom out.
Tip 2: When asked to change CDs, do the same thing as Tip 1 and look for the option there.

P.S Sony man, I love you but you’re still a piece of shit for allowing one account per device.