Where I Go for Online Shopping

Tip: This is best viewed on a computer because I decided to put things in tables.

Admit it, we all love online shopping and sticking the middle finger up to our Australian retail stores and their ridiculous prices. I mean, I don’t want to but when a game I buy is $50-60 online compared to the $120, I kinda do get a bit upset sometimes or you know, when almost everything is 150-200% more. But at least for the most part, I am only buying small items. My larger purchases remain here in Aussie land. 🙂 I SUPPORT YOU AUSTRALIA, but you just suck sometimes.

So I’ve compiled a lovely list of websites I tend to throw money at, keeping in mind that shipping fee or free shipping is important to me because we’re so ******* far away and delivery times is based on my own experiences to Sydney.

Beauty Websites!

I have a big thing with skincare so I’ve used most of these websites for skincare rather than makeup, but I do see a lot of them providing a really broad range of stuff too. Most of these sites sell the same brands and products.

Website Ave Shipping (days) / Fees What I think
feelunique logo 10 / Free! This is probably the thing that started it all, I was pretty impressed with the range of brands they have and this is also where I got the ‘Emu Oil Eye Cream’ from. They have pretty good navigation and easy to use site but unfortunately for them, they don’t ship a lot of brands out to Australia so I no longer really shop with them any more. Great site otherwise.Bought: Emu Oil Well, MD Formulations, Caudalie, Weleda, theBalm, Stila, Bareminerals
12 / Free I’ve only purchased from here once, buying some Pai muslin cloths and a lip balm. No issues with this site, just not something that has the brands I tend to look out for.Bought: Pai, Dr Hauschka
8.5/ Free! They have REN products, like, cleanser at <$20 vs our $40!? :O I find they’re also the cheapest site with sales all the time. I’ve already made 3 purchases with the website since finding out about it a couple of weeks ago. The GBP is better than Euro at the moment so purchase in that currency. Probably my favourite right now.Bought: REN, Caudalie, Keratase, Weleda
 14 / ~$5AUD for up to 2kg This website offers all the French brands that are focused on sensitive skin! Avene, Nuxe, Vichy and La Roche Posay.Bought: La Roche Posay
 11 / Shipping fee I bought some real techniques and eco tools brushes from them and that’s probably the last time I buy from them. Not that there’s anything wrong with the purchase, it just doesn’t have the stuff I want! 🙂 And also because the website’s a bit ugly.Bought: Real Techniques Brush, ecotools and Weleda

Games Websites!

Playstation 3 games, nuff’ said. Also visit http://www.gamecafe.com.au to search across the multiple different gaming sites.

Website Ave Shipping Times / Fees What I think
OzGameShop 14 / Free Probably bought most of my games from here, however it isn’t always the cheapest in comparison to Zavvi/The Hut
14 / $1 to $2 Pre-ordered Ni no Kuni and received it 2 weeks later as expected. These guys are actually the same people as TheHut below. A lot of other people say they’ve had trouble with them, but since I’ve received mine, I’m fairly happy.
14 / $1 to $2 Ah, the big TheHutGroup. LookFantastic is actually also under this group and I have the same things to say about it as Zavvi. It’s probably worth checking their other websites out.

Other Stuff

Website Ave Shipping Times / Fees What I think
10 / Free! This is a given. If you don’t know about it then thank me, thank me now! It’s great. It’s a book store and it’s great. They have a .com and .co.uk site; in most cases I find .com cheaper than .co.uk and the easieast way to check is just to replace that bit in the URL when you’re viewing a particular item. Easy.Bought: A shit load of books, including piano books and manga.
ebay Everyone buys from ebay.

Bought from: special_spice (Revlon Lip stuff), accessorieswhole (Skin79) and sgpstore1 (for SGP Spigen products)

catchoftheday.com.au Yes! I have bought stuff from catch of the bloody day. I recently purchased the L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream from them which I thought was pretty weird but nonetheless they were the only ones selling it. So there you go.

You’re probably wondering where the fashion stores are, you know, there’s a shitload, like asos, net-a-porter etc but I generally don’t buy clothes or shoes online just because I find it incredibly hard to do so and have found I return more than 60% of the time. And also because I am visiting the states soon so I am going to shop myself crazy there instead.

Other tips include searching online for discount codes, you’ll find them, trust me. And also use your 28 degrees card to shop for things that aren’t in AUD!

Enjoy and let me know what other awesome websites there are. 🙂


Playstation 4 and Whiners

Warning: this will be a fairly gamey, geeky post.

First of all I was able to listen in on most of the “Playstation Meet 2013” live event announcing Sony’s Playstation 4 yesterday. I also read up on it from various forums and blogs. And then I saw this video that just about sums everything up in 3 minutes. I fucking love this video and you should probably watch it to find out why.

Anyway, here’s a few key points I learnt yesterday:

Point #1 – that there are a bunch of useless people out there who need to STFU about

  • Sony not presenting the actual hardware.
    I understand why there may be a few eyebrows raised or a question as to why they didn’t actually show the actual Playstation 4, but people really didn’t have to make the biggest deal or pull all of their hair out over it. Hair is precious. Someone commented on rather seeing what it looks like over the talking, the talking that you know, tells us what it does. In other words, he wants to see a black box, literally. Heeeeeeey guess whattttttt, it’s going to beeeeeeeeeeeeee a black box! 😀
    I honestly hadn’t noticed they didn’t show what it looked like until much later because you know what? IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. And only brings in more hype for E3. (The real reason behind is because they haven’t finalised the design).
    … Alright fine, here’s a picture of it. Top secret. It has wings. Everything from the future has wings.
    the real deal
  • PS4 not being more powerful than a high-end PC
    Oh no, this shit again? We know. We god damn know the PC will always be more powerful. Unless you want an annual upgrade, I don’t think it’s going to happen. It also won’t be at the price it will be if built like a high-end PC. DUH DUHHHHHHHHHHH. Why, why do PC gamers have to step all over console gamers, just go away and play your own shit and leave us alone. It’s a different piece of hardware and experience altogether, so go away and go … pick on someone your own size!
  • Lack of women presenters
    HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA, I mean what? I mean, I don’t even… how is this even relevant at all? Big bloody friggin deal, dumbasses. I’m a woman and even I don’t see a problem or give a shit. We’re not talking about period pain or pregnancy labour pains here, in which case I would probably find it odd if there were no women presenters… maybe. I’m not sure.

Point #2 – that there are some pretty cool games coming out and I am excited about

  • Watch Dogs
  • … shit, I can’t remember the rest, I only remember that THERE WILL BE A FINAL FANTASY GAME, because that’s pretty much the only thing Square Enix came out to say. One sentence and everyone jizzed.
  • …and then there was Blizzard which got me even more excited. Could they be bringing in a new IP?! Nope, just Diablo 3.
  • …and HOLY SHIT how could I forget. Bungie’s Destiny. As in, Bungie, the guys behind Halo. Bungie you, finally releasing something for Sony, youuu.

Cool games and all but then I realised they were going to be released for the PS3 and other platforms anyway, so what’s my purpose in buying the PS4 then? Where are the exclusives? Where is Final Fantasy Versus? WHERE IS THE LAST GUARDIAN?

Yeah, I mean, the graphics were good for some of these trailers and demos, but they were only a bit better than the best of PS3, until I saw this.

Woooowwwww, that’s amazing. They should make a Game of Thrones PS4 game with that kinda quality. I’ll play it.

Point #3 – that they didn’t forget about the PS Vita and it was a good thing I didn’t sell it

The best bit being remote play, where I can play PS4 games on my Vita away from the TV. This will be super useful since my mom uses the TV fairly often.

Point #4 – that I really didn’t give an ass about the specs, I just wanted to know about the games

Point #5 – that I will probably buy it anyway, eventually; particularly if they have really awesome exclusives, but it seems like they don’t, so far anyway. E3 will tell

So basically my biggest lesson yesterday was that I probably shouldn’t go around reading people’s stupid comments because I went from pretty excited to pretty angry. A bit ironic here but eh.

iPad Mini Cover – Incredible Shield

I’ve been meaning to post this some time ago primarily because I really want to show you this really ugly photo. Ho ho ho.

I hate covers in general. I prefer having my Apple things as they were designed – NUDEEEEE and pretty. So with the exception of a Smart Cover which can be easily removed every time I use it, I only ever have screen protectors and body films on. Most people can’t tell I have anything on my iPhone, but it’s covered back and front. And so is my iPad Mini.

I bought this, Spigen SGP’s Invisible Shield!

There’s also an ULTRA COAT version which wasn’t available at the time and is the shiny, glossy version as opposed to this matte one. Having seen some videos of the Ultra Coat, I gotta say I prefer the Matte version. This is the brand I use for my iPhone as well. They give you different options and I normally opt for the Ultra Crystal screens that do not change the display at all, it’s also the thickest but isn’t fingerprint-free. I’ve dropped something sharp and very heavy on my iPhone screen before and it ended up denting the screen protector but nothing on my actual screen. Awesome stuff.

NOW for the iPad, the screen is easy to install, like any and because I’m awesome. So much that you can’t tell. BUT the back however… isn’t flat and glass… the film isn’t hard!! Anyway, I thought I was really awesome at applying these things so my first go turned out like this…. and cringe you will

Ugly Spigen SGP Incredible Shield

😦 The instructions tell me bubbles will go away in a day or two. The next morning, it didn’t really look any better so I decided to re-apply it, because the film, unlike the screen protector, is reusable. I redid it in a half-assedly manner I guess, since I kinda gave up already and it then looked like this

Spigen SGP Incredible Shield

Heaps better right? I wasn’t going to peel back a 3rd time… so I just gave up then. I was really sad because I believed in SGP! And sad because I could have done a better job had I followed a youTube video. -_-

But lo and behold, a few days later, it looked like this

Spigen SGP Incredible Shield

Hell yeah! The bubbles were gone and the only thing left was dust I caught from my second application and the screw ups that scarred it from the 1st. Given a brand new set, I’m fairly certain I can get it to look perfect. Faith in SGP restored and now happily flinging my iDevices around without worry, and also enjoying the original weight it should be.

I’d show you what the front screen or my iPhone looks like but…. it’ll just look like it’s nude so no point there, with a few scratches. And you know, it’s always really cool when people tell me or ask me why I don’t protect my iDevices. Well, that’s because I already am.

So there you go, Spigen is definitely my go to brand for all my small device protection. They don’t just do iDevices, they do everything so if you’re looking for something similar, go check them out. This set was about $30 and totally worth it; I got it from their eBay store (sgpstore1).


I did my sister’s one and it basically looked like pic 3 first go and better. I think the trick is to, well follow the video instructions, BUT also use a crap load of the spray included onto the sheet. 🙂

2012 Favourites

It’s still January, I can still post 2012 lists. So let’s seeee


iPad Mini

Check out my review here. Still loving it, still using it everyday, more so than my Macbook Air. I’m currently playing The Walking Dead and shit is scary and fun. Kotaku mentioned avoiding iOS for the Walking Dead, but really it’s just for the iPhone. There’s no issues playing on the iPad as far as I’m concerned! It’s apparently cheaper than other platforms too. $15.99 for 4 episodes, if you download the first episode now for free.

Apple TV

This was for mom to watch things from her iPad on the TV. So, so useful. Completely worth buying if you would like to stream things from your iPhone, iPad or Macbooks or even PC now that iTunes 11 has that ability. At a priceo f around $110, it’s not too bad an investment 🙂 It’s also very small and cute.

My PlayStation Vita didn’t make this list because… well, it’s collecting dust. And you know what? When something obvious like the Walking Dead doesn’t end up on the Vita but every other platform, it really does say something about it. Now I need to figure out if I can let it go and sell… :[


I really liked The Avengers. I can’t seem to remember anything else. There was the Dark Knight Rises, but it didn’t leave that big an impression for me.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies was a disappointment, but I’m now addicted to the Multiplayer mode instead. Huzzah!


left to right

Avene Thermal Spring Water

Just in time for 2012. This thing… is a lifesaver. Got sunburnt near the end of the year, somehow found out about this and voila, relief. Not just a sunburn btw, sunburn-turned-horribly-inflamed-eczema. Eczema people, use that sunscreen like no tomorrow and make sure you thoroughly apply it to all areas. I failed to cover all areas.

Now this spring water can be used as I did, for relief of eczema or sunburns but it also has other uses like a hydrating face mist or toner. In any case, I really like it. Refreshing and cooling.

Bastiste Dry shampoo

Super lazy, tired and cbfed washing your hair? Get this. I feel sorry for the me who didn’t know about this earlier. It really works! As to the turning your hair grey or white, that’s okay, you just have to massage it through and it’ll go away.

I got the tropical flavour and that was way too sweet and vanilla, this new FRESH is nice. It’s … well, fresh and not that fragrant at all.

Bioderma Makeup Remover

Discovered this from the millions of bloggers that love it. Hardly use this, but when I do, it works, feels great and doesn’t irritate for my sensitive skin. Thumbs up.

Revlon Kissable Lip Stain in Honey

I never really did review these did I ho ho ho. I now have Honey, Darling, Precious and Rendevous. All of which I bought from ebay! I’ve never used any beauty product so religiously since I never really wear any other make up. But I wear Honey almost every day. Easy, smooth and awesome lasting power. Tick, tick and tick.

Happy New Year 2013!

I have broken the record, broken the trend and I am so, so happy. For the past 4 or 5 years, I spent my new years and/or xmas very sick in bed. There’s just nothing worse than spending new years alone or not spending it at all. And every year, reaching up to that season, my family and I would be terrified of my health. BUT LO AND BEHOLD, I am totally not sick and was not sick at all this new year.

Not only that, on NYE, I worked, watched Wreck-It Ralph (which was really enjoyable), ate awesome dinner, took Asian sticker photos and saw the fireworks right next to the Harbour Bridge with my hunny bunbun. And so, Happy New Year guys 🙂

New Year Resolutions

I never ever set these things because I’m a terrible person and I would feel bad not achieving anything I’ve set my goals for. So, in other words, I’m afraid to commit to my own words. I suck, sometimes.

But I’m ready. So *breathes in* here goes…

  1. Clean my room and more importantly, try to have it ssstay clean for, oh I dunno, a month? I get nothing but complaints about the mess from everyone. Everyone.
  2. Exercise! I used to want to exercise to be healthy, now I’m pretty sure I need it to be healthy AND lose fat and tone up. My god I look terrible for a skinny girl. Beer gut anyone? When I don’t even drink. -_-
  3. Cook stuff. I… generally don’t cook and don’t know how to cook. But I’ve been buying lots of cookbooks recently.

*breathes* ah, that was… that was difficult. Okay. I’m set. I can do this shiz yo!

The New Year – 2013

There are a few things I’m looking forward to in 2013.

  1. The gazillion super hero movies including the new Superman! SMH sums it up pretty neatly.
  2. New Apple upgrades – MacBook Air, iPhone 6 or 5S and the iPad Mini 2. All of which I am interested in getting this year.
  3. Some new kickass PS3 games like Ni no Kuni, Tomb Raider and The Last of Us.
  5. <insert super mushy corny stuff like being able to spend more time with my loved ones instead of them zombies>

This Blog

I’ve realised my frequency of posts will most likely be around 2 to 4 posts per month and not what it used to be when I started – because that’s just how we are, us newbie bloggers.

You’ll find I’ll probably start posting more about the geeky stuff or other random life things than the beauty stuff as I settle down with what I should be using 🙂

Melbourne trip! and how awesome my bf is


It’s been over a month since having my 4 days off in Melbourne. Man, I’d love to tell you the typical things like what we did, where we visited, where we stayed and how cool and so on and so forth.
But all I can think of is the delicious food we ate and glimpses of the beautiful Great Ocean Road while I slumped back in the passenger seat 98% dead, sick with food poisoning or some gastric virus.

The food

We went to two places worth mentioning.

Shou Sumiyaki http://www.shousumiyaki.com.au

A picture paints a thousand words right!

This awesome restaurant’s focus is wagyu beef. Or rather, Om Nom Nom Wagyu beef, but we enjoyed every dish.
We ordered the premium blade, tenderloin and premium Wagyu ox tongue.
The top right is Wagyu beef tataki, crab paste stick and seared tuna. Bf loved it so much that he paused, gave me that worried look and said “oh no, whenever I want to eat this we have to come back to Melbourne!”. Well, something along those lines… it was the sake, pretty sure of it. No worries honey! I think I found something very similar in Sydney~ let’s just hope it’s as good or better.


And some dessert place in Chinatown, where they served Hong Kong and Taiwan style desserts. I… don’t think we have any decent HK dessert places here in Sydney. This place was pretty damn packed, so Sydney… hurry up.


For our little xth month anniversary, we went to the famous Movida Bar de Tapas – http://movida.com.au/movida

I must say, I expected it to be very expensive but it came out to be very decently priced and I really enjoyed the food too. I think my eyeballs rolled back at one stage. I guess you can say… it was pretty amazeballs. Yeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! (though fyi, I didn’t like the bottom two dishes in the image above)

The Great Drive Ocean Road

Rented a car and off we went, a few hours to le Great Ocean Road, my first time. There were lots and lots and lots of twists and turns, S’es everywhere. Everywhere. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I’d show you the video, but let’s just pretend I don’t know how to upload it.


12 Apostles. Pretty foggy at the time, it was pretty though. Wanted to see it during sunset but c’mon, we needed to eat. Perhaps we should have opted for the more romantic version of seeing the sunset instead of shoving ourselves with what we thought was pretty yummy food for a bloody far off, deserted town. Maybe, maybe then the trip would have ended with a happy exploration of the forest and happy snappity snaps of things while driving back to Avalon Airport, or somethin’.

On the 4th day, things weren’t going very well for me. I woke up with the pukes and it wouldn’t stop until we decided something wasn’t right and off to the Emergency we went. Very, very lucky that it was close by to where we stayed. I’m blaming it on the oysters, but it could have very well been some virus. Either way, I was having the worst time of my life. I’m pretty experienced with tummy issues, but this was something new. Of course, being the last day, we also had a flight to catch that was also a few hours drive away. Well, crap. Completely dehydrated, weak all over and experiencing severe tummy pains, I was pretty sure I wanted someone to knock me out. I’m so so very grateful that bf had been there beside me every second, I really wouldn’t have known what to do and would have felt a hundred folds more miserable. He kept trying to comfort me and told me it will be okay, and I believed every word. In my emotional state, I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated him… but unfortunately all that came out were muffles of “ugh” and *puke*.

Some fluid and meds later, and feeling slightly less crap, we made it back to Sydney. Home sweet home.

Random Update and I want an iPad Mini

I’ve been super quiet lately because I went to Melbourne for a short 4 day holiday! But unfortunately got food poisoning or some gastric virus on the last day and pretty much died for the rest of the week. It was horrible.

Now that I’m back from the dead but still tired-as, I’ll post about my lil Melbourne trip!… a bit later.

In other news, I went and saw the iPad Mini today. It’s… really light. After playing for a few mins I went and picked up the big bro iPad. What. A. Total. Brick. The difference is well beyond that of the iPhone 5 vs the iPhone 4S weight test.

So… I want one, despite complaining about price and Apple Maps. Goddamn Apple. Such a nice sleek device. Switching between the two I didn’t really feel the iPad Mini screen was small at all. I could do everything I wanted easily and it just felt really nice. In terms of looks, it functions like the iPad but it actually looks more similar to the new iPod Touches than the iPads. And of course, even if I want one, it’s going to be a hard to get my hands on one – friggin sold out bs. Meh.



Batman and Looper and Laduree

Completely independent of each other, but so what!

After the Dark Knight Rises, I wanted moreeeeeeeeeee Batman, so it was just perfect that DC Comics decided to release the animated Dark Knight Returns based on the comics recently on DVD/Bluray. Part 1 was released just last week and Part 2 should come end of year I think. This is what I watched over the long weekend. It’s set 10 years after Batman disappears and so which means you could treat it as a sort-of direct sequel to the Dark Knight Rises if you like.

No, it won’t beat the live-films – it’s incomparable but it’s still a decent animated film. My problem with these are that they feel so short, like a longer version of an episode and not a full featured film. Satisfied but not really.

I’d still recommend Batman fans to go see it.

And then Looper. Looper Looper, what a crazy mofo film. It was so intense… so intense. I won’t say much about this besides the fact that it was so goddamn intense. And you know, it’s great to see these sorts of films once in a long while but I don’t think I can handle seeing more of them frequently. I was left with an emotion I can’t describe. I suppose that’s a good thing? It was very violent… yet with no gore. Damn that film is nuts. lol. Watch it.

And theeen there are the Laduree macarons~ About every Sydney blog has written about it, but I was still too lazy to make my way there. And theeeeen In My Shoe’s Mallhaciel goes and says it’s better than Zumbos and that did it. Must… nom.

I only bought 3 because I’m a cheapo. The Lemon, Almond Marshmallow and Blackcurrent as pictured here in my fabulous photo below:


Lemon thoughts, as I had my first bite – “Holy crap it’s soft” And shit it was. It was melt-in-your-mouth type of soft. It literally crumbled in my mouth. NOMMMMnomnomnom

Then Almond Marshmallow – Sticky and chewy yet omg, the authentic Almond taste *tears of joy*. This is my favourite and I want moar.

Laduree Almond Marshmallow

Blackcurrent – The texture for this was in the middle of the other two and it was quite sour which I like~


Pistachio – OMGGGGGGGG – my new other favourite and they’re both green! Loved this. So nutty~

Chocolate – Like this least. Don’t think I’ll ever get it again – not worth it. Too much.

They are indeed very nomnom and I will most likely go back for more.

How was your long weekend if you had one? And if not, then sucker!

[Update] I may as well add there’s some Little Black Book Event at Sydney Westfield! http://www.westfield.com.au/sydney/news-and-events/2012/fashion-and-accessories/10/lbb check it out for sales and stuff.

AAnnnd Top Shop opens tomorrow morning. @_@

Facebook Stuff Up

I totally didn’t read any of the recent Facebook Stuff Up articles but I guess it’s totally true.

Looking at my timeline from 2008 and back, I saw what I think were my Private Messages posted on le timeline, oh noes. Anyway, have a look and save yourself from some embarrassment (you can hide it from your timeline) or let it go and let everyone stalk you. Fun times!

[UPDATE] Having a better look around, they’re saying the Facebook population is suffering Internet-amnesia, yet a lot of comments are confirming that their PMs have been leaked.

This could be true, maybe what I thought were PMs weren’t. But maybe they are. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to tell. All this just makes Facebook really scary, because I still felt some of the messages were a little bit too much info and shouldn’t be publicly available on my wall anyway.

Either way, I’d love to see how Facebook will handle its data storing issues. The poor thing is still stuck on MySQL which clearly isn’t designed for a large scale application like Facebook. Good luck.