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And there are camels at Sydney circular quay today.



Love it. Love their I-don’t-give-a-shit-about-the-world look or otherwise they’re smiiiiiling for the camera, laughing at our ugly faces.



Facebook Stuff Up

I totally didn’t read any of the recent Facebook Stuff Up articles but I guess it’s totally true.

Looking at my timeline from 2008 and back, I saw what I think were my Private Messages posted on le timeline, oh noes. Anyway, have a look and save yourself from some embarrassment (you can hide it from your timeline) or let it go and let everyone stalk you. Fun times!

[UPDATE] Having a better look around, they’re saying the Facebook population is suffering Internet-amnesia, yet a lot of comments are confirming that their PMs have been leaked.

This could be true, maybe what I thought were PMs weren’t. But maybe they are. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to tell. All this just makes Facebook really scary, because I still felt some of the messages were a little bit too much info and shouldn’t be publicly available on my wall anyway.

Either way, I’d love to see how Facebook will handle its data storing issues. The poor thing is still stuck on MySQL which clearly isn’t designed for a large scale application like Facebook. Good luck.

I need to WTFU (Wake the F* Up)

Yesterday an article was posted on SMH about the ‘Ostrich Pillow’ and it looks like this

Very good for power naps and jetlag it says.

That’s all fine and dandy until a colleague msged me and said “This made me think of you!”

Do I really look that dead at work?

Then within 4 hours, a second person SMSes me just before I’m about to head to sleep “I think you need this”

Really? REaalllyyyy? Do I really look so dead? I suppose Internet people wouldn’t know, but I suppose it’s a yes.

That aside, I actually do think this is quite awesome – if work allowed that is – because POWER NAPS are the best.

During those hard working uni days, 10 minute power naps were the bomb and what kept us going through those stupidly crazy all nighters. It won’t happen where I work, but power nap stations would raise my productivity by about 200%. What a shame. Do you hear me boss? Do you?!

What keeps you alive during the day? Coffee? Tea? Apples? Chocolate? Snacks totally help.

Help The Oatmeal raise money to buy Nikola Teslas old laboratory

I’m so sorry I have been so ignorant. Nikola Tesla, you are god. And Thomas Edison, you are an asshole.

Please, if you haven’t already, go read the Oatmeal’s posts about Tesla and their charity to secure the Tesla lab and turning it into a museum. 

Help me raise money to buy Nikola Teslas old laboratory – The Oatmeal

Don’t care about charity? That’s okay. But at least READ UP ON WHO HE IS IF YOU DON’T KNOW and then maybe the charity will make more sense.

Welcome and Herro!

Herro! Yes, it’s another one of them blogs that review all sorts of crap! And plus, so many of my friends have blogs now, I want one too.

My purpose is to review most of the skincare products that I use and some other cosmetics for my super shitty eczema skin! I’m no professional and I don’t go buying new products every day, but this usually means I’ll try to revisit most products. I find when I go searching for web reviews that the blogger usually already has pretty perfect skin, so here I am… breaking the trend.

I have terrible skin. It’s sensitive and dry and most products don’t work on me or at least when they do, they don’t always work on me. Which really suck.

Here’s hoping to a blog that lasts longer than my usual 2 days.