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There are a few types of things that people come to my blog for, based on the crappy statistics that WordPress gives us:

Certain beauty product reviews. You should know that I have eczema, have sensitive and dehydrated dry skin that I can’t seem to get rid of. I actually have a hard time finding other bloggers with similar issues because it’s pretty pointless to read a review when you have completely different skin types.
I also don’t wear much make up at all but am always interested in finding the best sheer coverage for my face when need be, so I have an interest in BB creams and tinted moisturizers 🙂

iPad Mini review and reading manga on it. Yes, it’s an amazing device and I love it. Maybe you should get one too. 🙂 I’m also a bit of an Apple fan, but that’s because I genuinely believe they make awesome products.

PS Vita and whether they can play the classic Final Fantasy games. They can, I played and never finished FF9, just not into it. I started FF6 and realised the maximised screen cut off a bit of the actual game and… it was too old school for me so I gave up. Haven’t tried FF7 yet.
I haven’t done it yet, but I’m always itching to rant on about other games as well.

Those are the main ones and of course, a few of my food restaurant reviews. I just love food man. I grew up eating the most awesomest food of all time because my dad was a terrific cook and everyone loved his food. My mom is also a friggin awesome cook as well so I imagine I will also be, those cooking genes man. But which also means I have a certain high standard for food. Noms to the max.

I’ll be travelling soon to the USA so you will hear about that too.


I’m a Chinese twenty something living in Sydney and working in I.T. 🙂

I don’t have any cats and dogs because I’m allergic to them. F*** you allergies!

I think my favourite song is Eyes on Me by Faye Wong. I used to hate this song with a passion and then loved it. My boyfriend doesn’t know this song and it makes me sad, but then again, I don’t know any of his either haaaaaaaha… ah… hm…

I’m also about to start going to the gym because my belly is sticking out a lot.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I hope that mother of god pic is not of you. I am following to see what a twenty something gets up to in Sydney or will it be bad for my heart 😉 Take care. Ralph x

  2. Finding funny and honest beauty bloggers hard. Last one I found from singapore left the blogging world, hope you don’t follow suit. Look forward to new posts and more info on your skincare routine. I don’t have naturally dry, sensitive skin, but I sure have gotten it there with the way I nuke my super oily, acne-prone skin, so my skincare selection spans both oily and dry, sensitive and non-sensitive. Just depends on how far I’ve taken my acne bombardment.

    1. Hey thanks for the follow back 🙂 I saw that you were mainly oily (sounds.. weird) but really liked the way you wrote anyway so looking forward to reading random blurbs lol

      I don’t think I will go away, hopefully!

      1. No worries – I actually use a ton of moisturizing, deeply penetrating products to calm my acneic inflamed skin after I’ve nuked it. So, my blog features products that can be used by the non-oily, sensitive acne sufferer, too.

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