Food: The Devonshire

This was actually my super duper belated birthday dinner, a friend gave me a $100 visa (thanks you!) to initially eat at The Alibi Darlinghurst but uh… I think it closed down before I had the chance. And then I was told of The Devonshire! Which I’ve not actually heard of before, but which has one hat, in Surry Hills. πŸ™‚

The Devonshire Menu


Skipping this weird ball of a … something that reminded me of takeaway fish’n chips, the next three dishes are the reason why we bother going fine dining! Or visiting hatted restaurants. This next dish is the perfect dish to demonstrate that you don’t need all the fine ingredients, but the right ingredients to make things taste like awesome. It’s chefs like these that are able to bring together the mixture of simple things that normal people wouldn’t think of and creating a magical taste bomb when you put it altogether.

IMG_3477 IMG_3478 IMG_3479

This is probably my fave dish. By itself, the salmon was cooked to perfection, add together all the little bits and pieces here and there and voila, yummy-to-the-max salmon.


And then the disappointment begins here. So close to being one of the best meals, but alas… maybe that’s why the one hat only eh?

This big ah, ravioli was … no, let’s not call it ravioli, let’s call it “Sui Gao”, or in other words, Chinese dumpling, a below average one at that. Well, actually, that was the problem – it tasted like something from Yum Cha and being Chinese, I mean, I’ve tasted better sui gaos elsewhere. Why goddamnit!? So yes, I was a sad little panda.

The next dish is meant to be the pork belly, but I somehow missed taking a photo, I think it was because my boyfriend and I were in shock of the sui gao. But you’re not missing out on much either because it wasn’t really that nice. Chefs, just, stop trying with the pork belly, unless you’re German. So many chefs have screwed up the poor pork bellys. I was skeptical of it when I saw it on the menu and I was right! MEH.

My boyfriend thinks I exaggerate a little bit on the sui gao and pork belly. Fine – it didn’t taste un-nice, just not nice.


I saw panna cotta and got super duper excited, I thought it was going to be presented in its other wobbly dobbly form that I’m used to but here it is! And it wasn’t bad. But I wanted wobbly!

The Devonshire

Couldn’t finish this. It was too sweet.

This was a preeeeeeeeeetty long dinner at roughly 3 hours, but I really enjoyed it anyway thanks to the really awesome 3 dishes and my company in that small intimate restaurant. πŸ™‚

Sooooo in conclusion, the first half was sooooo good!! But then ended in a pretty low and funny note. That dumpling, man, is special in its own way.

The Devonshire on Urbanspoon


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