The Best Sydney Japanese Yakiniku Buffet Places

Do you like food? Do you like UNLIMITED AWESOME food? Then read on.

I can’t stop thinking about buffets. You see, I’m going to Vegas in a few weeks and you know what they’re famous for? Buffets. Big fat, gorgeous looking, amazingly big buffets and you bet I’ll be visiting em. But these are different, these are Japanese Yakiniku buffets, I really haven’t been to a normal Western buffet in a while in Sydney. Just haven’t really found one we really like.

So what’s Japanese Yakiniku buffet? My definition is – wagyu beef, ox tongue, sashimi, green tea ice cream and more of the same, unlimited of course. I mean, they’re not the only things I look for but believe me when I say we eat about 10 plates of those!!! So anyway, I’ve only ever been to three in Sydney and I liked all of them, keeping in mind we always chose the most expensive menu. Why limit yourself, go all out, all out!

Sakae Yakiniku at Eastwood

sakae sakae

My first experience was with Sakae Yakiniku at Eastwood. I’ve been there a couple of times, however the last time was in 2010 and I don’t know how much has changed since then. I was amazed, I didn’t think any place would offer fresh unlimited sashimi, but they did and generally they all do. This is the cheapest of the three at $52.80 max.

Website | Menu

Suminoya in Sydney CBD

I, for some reason, didn’t take pictures of suminoya food, that’s a first. Must have been too hungry. Anyway…

Went here once a bit less than a year ago and them ox tongue! 10 plates please. Sashimi and wagyu weren’t as good as sakae though, but still tasty! Having another look, I think the other two menus are more extensive, but I know some people who think the ox tongue is best here. Or better yet, it’s part of the Entertainment Book 😉 An annual visit ain’t too bad.

$55 for the premium selection.

Website | Menu

Nishiki at Crows Nest

nishiki nishiki nishiki
This, my dears, is all about wagyu. Wagyu and wagyu and omg wagyu. Get that ox tongue, get that oyster blade and my god get that beef rib. So juicy, so yummy. If you aren’t going for the $60 ABC menu, then don’t bother.

I still think Sakae sashimi was better, but this place actually offered hokki sashimi as opposed to tuna! I’ve always thought Hokki sashimi was the more expensive kind? But eh, we loved it.

Before going, I read some reviews. A lot of them talked about the shit service and staff not bringing you food or getting the order incorrect. I was worried, but once again, didn’t have any problems at all. I didn’t see a frown or a wtf look when we ordered 3 of each wagyu plate or anything crazy. We got all our food and that was that. Maybe these people are ordering 10 each?! :O

Website | Menu

So which you ask? At $60 each, maybe I would leave Nishiki for the more special occasion and Sakae and Suminoya for the random cravings. I think. Maybe… hmmm. This is hard, I may have to give it some more thought. And may have to create more special occasions. And great, I’m hungry.


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