Melbourne trip! and how awesome my bf is


It’s been over a month since having my 4 days off in Melbourne. Man, I’d love to tell you the typical things like what we did, where we visited, where we stayed and how cool and so on and so forth.
But all I can think of is the delicious food we ate and glimpses of the beautiful Great Ocean Road while I slumped back in the passenger seat 98% dead, sick with food poisoning or some gastric virus.

The food

We went to two places worth mentioning.

Shou Sumiyaki

A picture paints a thousand words right!

This awesome restaurant’s focus is wagyu beef. Or rather, Om Nom Nom Wagyu beef, but we enjoyed every dish.
We ordered the premium blade, tenderloin and premium Wagyu ox tongue.
The top right is Wagyu beef tataki, crab paste stick and seared tuna. Bf loved it so much that he paused, gave me that worried look and said “oh no, whenever I want to eat this we have to come back to Melbourne!”. Well, something along those lines… it was the sake, pretty sure of it. No worries honey! I think I found something very similar in Sydney~ let’s just hope it’s as good or better.


And some dessert place in Chinatown, where they served Hong Kong and Taiwan style desserts. I… don’t think we have any decent HK dessert places here in Sydney. This place was pretty damn packed, so Sydney… hurry up.


For our little xth month anniversary, we went to the famous Movida Bar de Tapas –

I must say, I expected it to be very expensive but it came out to be very decently priced and I really enjoyed the food too. I think my eyeballs rolled back at one stage. I guess you can say… it was pretty amazeballs. Yeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! (though fyi, I didn’t like the bottom two dishes in the image above)

The Great Drive Ocean Road

Rented a car and off we went, a few hours to le Great Ocean Road, my first time. There were lots and lots and lots of twists and turns, S’es everywhere. Everywhere. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I’d show you the video, but let’s just pretend I don’t know how to upload it.


12 Apostles. Pretty foggy at the time, it was pretty though. Wanted to see it during sunset but c’mon, we needed to eat. Perhaps we should have opted for the more romantic version of seeing the sunset instead of shoving ourselves with what we thought was pretty yummy food for a bloody far off, deserted town. Maybe, maybe then the trip would have ended with a happy exploration of the forest and happy snappity snaps of things while driving back to Avalon Airport, or somethin’.

On the 4th day, things weren’t going very well for me. I woke up with the pukes and it wouldn’t stop until we decided something wasn’t right and off to the Emergency we went. Very, very lucky that it was close by to where we stayed. I’m blaming it on the oysters, but it could have very well been some virus. Either way, I was having the worst time of my life. I’m pretty experienced with tummy issues, but this was something new. Of course, being the last day, we also had a flight to catch that was also a few hours drive away. Well, crap. Completely dehydrated, weak all over and experiencing severe tummy pains, I was pretty sure I wanted someone to knock me out. I’m so so very grateful that bf had been there beside me every second, I really wouldn’t have known what to do and would have felt a hundred folds more miserable. He kept trying to comfort me and told me it will be okay, and I believed every word. In my emotional state, I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated him… but unfortunately all that came out were muffles of “ugh” and *puke*.

Some fluid and meds later, and feeling slightly less crap, we made it back to Sydney. Home sweet home.


4 thoughts on “Melbourne trip! and how awesome my bf is”

  1. Sorry to hear about your food poisoning episode 😦 Defs the last thing you want when you’re on holidays.

    You look like you had fun! Putting Movida on our “to-eat” list when we go to Melbs in December.

    Your pic of the Twelve Apostles is just stunning!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I’m going to avoid oysters from now on…

      If you do decide to eat at Movida, make sure you book real early, they are pretty busy, esp if it’s going to be in December!

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear about your food poisoning/infection, but at least it happened at the end of your trip! Great food piccies, glad you enjoyed Melbourne! I love living here 😀

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