Random Update and I want an iPad Mini

I’ve been super quiet lately because I went to Melbourne for a short 4 day holiday! But unfortunately got food poisoning or some gastric virus on the last day and pretty much died for the rest of the week. It was horrible.

Now that I’m back from the dead but still tired-as, I’ll post about my lil Melbourne trip!… a bit later.

In other news, I went and saw the iPad Mini today. It’s… really light. After playing for a few mins I went and picked up the big bro iPad. What. A. Total. Brick. The difference is well beyond that of the iPhone 5 vs the iPhone 4S weight test.

So… I want one, despite complaining about price and Apple Maps. Goddamn Apple. Such a nice sleek device. Switching between the two I didn’t really feel the iPad Mini screen was small at all. I could do everything I wanted easily and it just felt really nice. In terms of looks, it functions like the iPad but it actually looks more similar to the new iPod Touches than the iPads. And of course, even if I want one, it’s going to be a hard to get my hands on one – friggin sold out bs. Meh.




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