Apple’s latest – iPad Minis and Stuff

I don’t really know what to make of the Apple news today. For once, I forgot all about it until I opened up Gizmodo – gee, I wonder what that says.  In case you haven’t stepped out of your shell, they’ve announced some new Apple things.

A smaller iPad – iPad Mini

My excitement for Apple products is slowly dying, or maybe it’s already dead. They really do suck balls at keep secrets now, it’s no longer fun to predict, it’s just there in your face. Anyway, this smaller iPad thingo eh? Everyone’s reaction or question seems to be “What is it for?” And if I remember correctly, it’s the same question asked when the first iPad was released. “What’s it for when we have laptops?” OH herp derp. Think of it however you will, whether it’s Apple realising there’s actually a market for it (Nexus 7, Kindle) or they want to give you more options.

Apparently the spec isn’t that great, but it’s still a premium looking small tablet. Again with the glass and aluminium vs plastic-looking Nexus/Kindle. It’ll run fine. It’s an iDevice and they always run ok. Their batteries are always decent and everything will be as per usual so I think it’s safe to say it’ll be a pretty neat device.

But then what’s up with the ridiculous pricing? It starts at $369AUD for a 16GB Wifi model and goes all the way up to $729. Has Apple been so arrogant as to completely ignore its competitor’s pricing? Or is it because their iPod Touch is $329 and it would be stupid to price the Mini lower than that? Yeah, it would be. Oh you, Apple, why be an douche for~

Alas, it’ll be successful. People will find uses for it, because we all like the feel of using an iDevice, they’re just so smoooth and nice to use. The ‘experience’ and all that kinda shit, it’s true. I’m surprised there aren’t more stats comparisons between iOS and Android usage.

Are you getting one? I’d get it if it didn’t force me to use Apple Maps and it was 100 bucks off. Guess it’s a no. Maybe when I see one physically will I decide if I need or want one for travelling purposes. I find the iPad too big and heavy for that.

The same iPad – iPad 4

Ooohhh how this has pissed soooooooo many people off, them iPad 3 owners! But don’t worry iPad3Owners, it’s only a simple bump in specs, it’s not like it’s outrageously better than the 3rd model. It’s not even good enough for iPad 2 users to upgrade to, pfft. It just makes sense for Apple to release something new before the holidays.

Thin-ass iMac – HOLYBBQ this. 

O M G, This. THIS. THIS IS SEXY. This stood out most for me. I never, ever paid attention to iMacs. They were… just… iMacs. I still use a PC as desktop, but looooooook at it, just look at how thin it is! It’s so pwerdy. So pWerdyyyyyy. I’m going to have to say…. I will eventually get one of these when my PC isn’t good enough for many things – and then install Windows on it . . .

13’inch Macbook Pro Retina – Niiceeee

I have a MacBook Air so it’s preeeeetty much impossible for me to go back to Pros, no matter how thin, they won’t be as thin as an Air. But that doesn’t stop me from oogling at their Retina displays, which I don’t need.

15″ has always been a bit too big for most people, particularly if they need to carry it around, so this is definitely a very nice addition to the family of Pros 🙂 I like.

and something about the MacMini, but anyway…

Phones getting bigger, tablets getting smaller. When will they clash? I guess they’ll eventually be the same thing.

How did you find Apple’s announcements? Are you getting anything?


4 thoughts on “Apple’s latest – iPad Minis and Stuff”

  1. Not an Apple fan :S don’t really see the point of a mini Ipad. How does that compare in size to the Ipod Touch? That iMac looks impressive though…I’m guessing it burns a few holes in the pocket? 😛

    1. Here’s a size comparison! The iPod Touch is roughly the same size as the iPhone

      A lot of my friends bought 7inch tablets because they fit in purses and things. So it’s the better alternative for travelling 🙂

      lol iMac. Actually, I don’t find the prices too crazy. It won’t be as cheap as if you built your own PC for sure but inclusive of that screen, I think it’s a decent price. The 21″s are from $1499 and the 27″ is from 1999. Considering their cinema display itself is about $1000, it’s not too bad 😛

  2. I’m really pissed off with Apple at the moment. I got an iPod Touch two years ago – I think it’s 3rd gen, but maybe 2nd – and now it’s out of date and I can’t download like 90% of the apps available as they’re all updated to iOS 5 or 6 (I’ve lost track) and mine can’t go past iOS 4.2. So now I have to shell out $330 for a new iPod Touch. Don’t tell me to get the 4th gen one because it’ll just go out of date quicker than 5th gen.

    I have the iPad 2 (I didn’t buy it, I won it :P) and I like it for school! Their notepad feature is really handy and it’s small enough to fit into my bag and taking notes is so easy! I don’t use it for anything else apart from rarely purchasing an iBook. I have a PocketBook for eBooks haha.

    1. Yeahhh, normally 2 years is the normal cycle to upgrade Apple products, considering they upgrade annually. You should restore your iPod Touch and sell it 🙂 I’m not sure about iPods, but most other Apple products have a good return value for you to upgrade to the next thing.

      What phone do you have? I’m always interested to know why people go for iPod Touches in the first place because it’s essentially an iPhone without the call functionality.

      Now would also be a good time to see if the iPad Mini might be good enough to replace your Touch 🙂

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