Batman and Looper and Laduree

Completely independent of each other, but so what!

After the Dark Knight Rises, I wanted moreeeeeeeeeee Batman, so it was just perfect that DC Comics decided to release the animated Dark Knight Returns based on the comics recently on DVD/Bluray. Part 1 was released just last week and Part 2 should come end of year I think. This is what I watched over the long weekend. It’s set 10 years after Batman disappears and so which means you could treat it as a sort-of direct sequel to the Dark Knight Rises if you like.

No, it won’t beat the live-films – it’s incomparable but it’s still a decent animated film. My problem with these are that they feel so short, like a longer version of an episode and not a full featured film. Satisfied but not really.

I’d still recommend Batman fans to go see it.

And then Looper. Looper Looper, what a crazy mofo film. It was so intense… so intense. I won’t say much about this besides the fact that it was so goddamn intense. And you know, it’s great to see these sorts of films once in a long while but I don’t think I can handle seeing more of them frequently. I was left with an emotion I can’t describe. I suppose that’s a good thing? It was very violent… yet with no gore. Damn that film is nuts. lol. Watch it.

And theeen there are the Laduree macarons~ About every Sydney blog has written about it, but I was still too lazy to make my way there. And theeeeen In My Shoe’s Mallhaciel goes and says it’s better than Zumbos and that did it. Must… nom.

I only bought 3 because I’m a cheapo. The Lemon, Almond Marshmallow and Blackcurrent as pictured here in my fabulous photo below:


Lemon thoughts, as I had my first bite – “Holy crap it’s soft” And shit it was. It was melt-in-your-mouth type of soft. It literally crumbled in my mouth. NOMMMMnomnomnom

Then Almond Marshmallow – Sticky and chewy yet omg, the authentic Almond taste *tears of joy*. This is my favourite and I want moar.

Laduree Almond Marshmallow

Blackcurrent – The texture for this was in the middle of the other two and it was quite sour which I like~


Pistachio – OMGGGGGGGG – my new other favourite and they’re both green! Loved this. So nutty~

Chocolate – Like this least. Don’t think I’ll ever get it again – not worth it. Too much.

They are indeed very nomnom and I will most likely go back for more.

How was your long weekend if you had one? And if not, then sucker!

[Update] I may as well add there’s some Little Black Book Event at Sydney Westfield! check it out for sales and stuff.

AAnnnd Top Shop opens tomorrow morning. @_@


3 thoughts on “Batman and Looper and Laduree”

  1. I saw laduree when I was in Sydney… the queues were massive! Didn’t get a chance to even queue lol. Going to see looper this weekend 😀

    1. I went during lunchtime today and it wasn’t that long! Should die down or has already died down so maybe next time :] And oh looper lol let me know what you think 🙂

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