Review: Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream

Yo! Totally following up my super decisive post about whether to get the Weleda or Neal’s Yard moisturiser.

This cream is for sensitive dry skin (me). My purpose was to replace whatever I was using as day cream since it wasn’t moisturising enough and I wanted something inexpensive. This is my first Weleda product, the green and organic company.

I got this from feelUnique during the sale for $18ish, it’s now $20.32AUD.


Very moisturising for my dry skin! I like it. It keeps me moisturised for the whole day which most other creams fail to do. It’s also quite a thick and sticky cream in comparison but I don’t mind it. In terms of smell, think… oh, I dunno, almond cream? @_@ Nothing strong, only really notice it when you apply and then it’s gone.

So far, I don’t really know how much I’ve used, it’s a pretty small tube and if I use it up quickly then that doesn’t make it inexpensive at all! My MD Formulations creme of 50ml takes half a year for me, which I use at night.

The other thing I’m not too sure about is whether it’s making my bumps a bit more red in the morning (but which strangely subsides later in the day). It doesn’t introduce any other crazy blemishes though, so that’s alright! I also don’t expect it to be anything other than a moisturiser – i.e. fixing my blemishes or random dry patches. I’ll leave that for my other face products.

I’m keeping this on my list as day cream, but am still very interested in trying the Neal’s Yard versions so will probably try that when this runs out. :]


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