Facebook Stuff Up

I totally didn’t read any of the recent Facebook Stuff Up articles but I guess it’s totally true.

Looking at my timeline from 2008 and back, I saw what I think were my Private Messages posted on le timeline, oh noes. Anyway, have a look and save yourself from some embarrassment (you can hide it from your timeline) or let it go and let everyone stalk you. Fun times!

[UPDATE] Having a better look around, they’re saying the Facebook population is suffering Internet-amnesia, yet a lot of comments are confirming that their PMs have been leaked.

This could be true, maybe what I thought were PMs weren’t. But maybe they are. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to tell. All this just makes Facebook really scary, because I still felt some of the messages were a little bit too much info and shouldn’t be publicly available on my wall anyway.

Either way, I’d love to see how Facebook will handle its data storing issues. The poor thing is still stuck on MySQL which clearly isn’t designed for a large scale application like Facebook. Good luck.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Stuff Up”

  1. So I don’t think that’s happened to me but since I was viewing my timeline, I noticed facebook has kindly listed my date of birth and both parents’ names and place of birth in 1986 even though I’ve blocked people from seeing my family relationships on fb…. How thoughtful of fb….

    1. Oh gee :\ The problem with Facebook is they keep changing their privacy settings and you keep having to go back to double check that what you’ve put is still in place. It’s stupid. I’ve actually removed my birthday just because it makes identify fraud that much easier. I’m paranoid sometimes.

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