I need to WTFU (Wake the F* Up)

Yesterday an article was posted on SMH about the ‘Ostrich Pillow’ and it looks like this

Very good for power naps and jetlag it says.

That’s all fine and dandy until a colleague msged me and said “This made me think of you!”

Do I really look that dead at work?

Then within 4 hours, a second person SMSes me just before I’m about to head to sleep “I think you need this”

Really? REaalllyyyy? Do I really look so dead? I suppose Internet people wouldn’t know, but I suppose it’s a yes.

That aside, I actually do think this is quite awesome – if work allowed that is – because POWER NAPS are the best.

During those hard working uni days, 10 minute power naps were the bomb and what kept us going through those stupidly crazy all nighters. It won’t happen where I work, but power nap stations would raise my productivity by about 200%. What a shame. Do you hear me boss? Do you?!

What keeps you alive during the day? Coffee? Tea? Apples? Chocolate? Snacks totally help.


4 thoughts on “I need to WTFU (Wake the F* Up)”

  1. Haha I saw that yesterday and I actually really want it! lol! everyone at work knows that they shouldn’t talk to me before 9am and a coffee.

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