Review: Iron Chef at Cabramatta

IROOOOOOOOOOON CHEF. Used to frequent this restaurant some years ago until the last two times went downhill and then never again until just recently! It’s apparently good again. And that’s the thing with Chinese restaurants, it’s bloody inconsistent.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with le dinner despite some screw ups. Here goes!

We ordered 2 small abalones and 3 scallops. Only the 2 abalones came and we were told later that the scallops were sold out. That’s okay, let’s order 3 more abalones! Which turned out to be nomnom+

Crispy skin suckling pig with bbq pork, roast duck, soya sauce chicken, jelly fish and duck beak platter – Medium sized

This comes in three sizes, S/M/L. A Small would have been sufficient but we had no idea. Either way it was nomonomnom. That really weird looking thing at the bottom is actually duck beak (I THINK?!) and as unappealing as it is, it was soft and tasty – no really, try it.

Crab. And unfortunately I can’t tell you what exactly it is, I only know what it’s called in Chinese o_O

XO Scallops. Typical dish and the scallops were just right, not overly cooked or too raw 🙂

Also ordered another vegie dish.

It just so happened that we went during their SiChuan festival so the restaurant was very, very lively and busy. We even got to see some Mask Changing act, which I’m afraid you’ll need to youtube to know what I’m on about.

So, the dinner was quite satisfying and none of the dishes were bad, according to our high standard Asian tastes. And we were distracted long enough with the entertainment to not bother being pissed off about delayed or canceled dishes oh ho ho ho ho.

p.s Sorry man, my photos are all blurry. I’m only given about 2 seconds to take each shot with my iPhone 4S (NOT A 5!?) and yeah, this happens.

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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