Geek Tip: Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer!

Time for some random geek tip.

How long does your smartphone battery last?

To keep it simple, rechargeable batteries need to be calibrated (refreshed if you like) for them to work a bit better and last a bit longer.

How to do it?

  1. Drain it. Let your phone run until it dies on you.
  2. Then charge it until it reaches 100% without unplugging – important.
  3. Try to disconnect when it’s finished charging so as to not leave it charging at 100%, it may have the reverse effect.

You’re meant to do this once in a while, but I normally only bother when I notice my iPhone battery depleting very quickly.

Best case scenario were the iPhone 4S phones when they launched. People complained about the battery life and it was true, it really sucked for an Apple phone. Mine while on standby overnight would lose 20%. This just wasn’t right. BUT after calibrating it… 3%!!!

So anyway, experienced the same thing lately so it was time for another refresh and voila, good battery again.

Very interested to see how good the iPhone 5’s battery will be. :]

Oh and of course if you have a phone with crap battery from the very beginning then there’s really very little you can do. *cough* HTC…

p.s this applies to most electronics too and not just smartphones.


8 thoughts on “Geek Tip: Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer!”

  1. I have a HTC and battery life is pretty terrible… -_- but I’m naughty and charge my phone up every night… I have this phobia of having my phone die on me. lol.

    1. lol my bf has an HTC and the battery is incredibly shit. But if yours lasts a whole day with average usage, that’s actually not bad for a smartphone these days. :]

      1. It actually lasts about 48 hours with average usage… unless I play a lot of Angry Birds… 😛 I always thought the average battery life for a smartphone is 3 days. My bf’s Galaxy S1 lasts 5 days. So envious!

        1. Woah, that’s longas! How much 3G do you guys use? I normally use a couple of hours of 3G and am pretty much on it all day (I call this average lol) so that goes for a day and then I’ll probably need to charge it the next day.

  2. I have a Nokia Lumia 710 and the battery barely lasts 24 hours even when I have the Wi-Fi switched off and don’t use any apps! It’s ridiculous – my old Nokia E72 would last 4 days! 😥 I miss my baby. If only they would make better batteries for smartphones as this is the one feature that pisses me off heaps!

    1. I find it funny that wifi affects battery life, it generally helps or makes no difference for iPhones. Maybe the new Lumia 920 will have better battery! Some companies will sacrifice battery life for new features like 4G (HTC), it’s quite sad.

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