Review: Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse Woolloomooloo

Dinner at Kingsleys Woolloomooloo (not the Kingsleys Steakhouse in the city!) was oh so very omnomnom-worthy.

The restaurant’s in the middle of the wharf near Harris’ de Wheels and my first thought when we arrived was “holy crap that’s so dark”. We sat outside and had these weird flickering candles that did crap-all for lighting. Had to use my iPhone to read the menu and also took photos blindly, surprised it turned out alright.

So… before arriving, I already knew exactly what I wanted – those Alaskan Crab Legs (chilled) and a Wagyu rib eye steak (although I was certain I read rump before…)

Left to right

  1. Alaskan King Crab Legs 200g – Oh. my. god… so juicy, so sweet, so fresh, so tasty!!! So much meat in that thin and easy to take off crab shell. Seriously, the meat fell out of the shell when le bf opened the already cut up shell. It was great with or without the sauce, but I like lemony things so adding a bit of lemon was just pure awesomeness as well. I’m Asian, and while I don’t regularly eat crabs because I’m not made of a million bucks, I tend to have them in Chinese restaurants and after this… I feel like I’ve been missing out on really good crab… despite the fact that they’re cooked completely differently. ._.
  2. Baby Octopus – This was nice too, but nothing too special. Still a nice addition to our entre.
  3. Wagyu Rib Eye – We ended up ordering two of these in Medium Rare with Pepper sauce and didn’t bother trying different steaks lol. Pretty damn satisfying steak. It came out thinner than I had expected, but still retained enough juice and was close to being perfectly cooked. Kingsleys on King St? Pffttttt.
  4. Also ordered a Steakhouse Chips as side.

The only thing that caught us by surprise was the still water for $8.50. I assumed still water was tap water ha ha ha… oh well. Good meal justified being ripped off of water. Nice work. Meal would have been $150 but we had our entertainment card! So $50 off!

Oh oh oh, service was great too! The nice waitress for our table asked if we wanted mustard ;_; (this is important yo) and regularly helped pour le water and was very nice in general.

This was my b’day meal with le bf and I’m so happy we went here for it. Will definitely go back for some more alaskan crab legs… mmm dem legs…

Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse on Urbanspoon


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