Hand Cream Battle: L’Occitane vs Crabtree & Evelyn [FB Promo Update]

Damn hand creams. I’ve personally been using the Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy creams for a while now, albeit not regularly – I’m a lazy shit. And then 1 million years later, I discovered Loccitane, particularly when they started opening stores everrrrrywhere. The ad at Myer tells me they sell one hand cream every second or somethin’. Selling like hot cakes like them iPhone 5s! …Anyway, I digress.

Oh, the fuss, so I bought the 30ml tube after I finished my C&E Lavender I received from a friend.

L. Loccitane Hand Cream R. Crabtree & Evelyn Lavenda Hand Therapy

The noticeable difference between the two – Loccitane is thick and sticky and C&E is more smooth.

Moisturising affect – Uh… I really don’t think there’s a large difference here. I’ve experienced both where I felt one or the other was better and then immediately thought differently a week later. They’re great as everyday hand creams if you’re only a bit dry, but if you have super dry flaky, chapped or just crazily dry hands, they might not work so well.

C&E has a larger range of scents to choose from. I love the Citron honey & coriandar, smells like you’ve washed your hands in lemon water.

L. Citron Hand Therapy R. Citron Hand Recovery

I also use the Hand Recovery (exfoliating scrub) which is actually really, really good. Now this is the stuff that makes my hand instantly soft including those who have chapped and crazy hands (tested on mom). I think if I weren’t a lazy shit and used this regularly once a week, I would have some really nice soft hands… but alas…

Anyway, so which is it?! Personal preference! I initially didn’t like Loccitane because it made my hands sticky and I really don’t like stickiness in general, but I do like how it makes me feel after the stickiness goes away! Whereas C&E gives me that nice smooth feel immediatel. Right now I’m going through Loccitane but I think I’ll return to C&E and maybe throw in the Loccitane once in a while just becuz’! Alternating between the two *nodnods*

[UPDATE] Just realised C&E has an FB promotion going on – https://www.facebook.com/CrabtreeandEvelynAU/app_377858962231843
Free 25g pomegranate hand cream and $10 off!


9 thoughts on “Hand Cream Battle: L’Occitane vs Crabtree & Evelyn [FB Promo Update]”

  1. Okay, I’m going go with the G&E on this. I actually used to always use L’Occitane but when when that same friend gave us the G&E handcream (I chose the Honey & Coriander!!!), I don’t think I can go back.

      1. lol That’s alright, I’ve always liked Grabtree & Evelyn. I bought the Foot Remedy from them yesterday for $17 instead of $30 and received the free handcream, you should totally check out the FB offerrrrrr.

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