Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 5 [Updated]

Aand as previously heavily leaked, here it is – the iPhone 5. Here’s a nutshell of what I picked up at 5:40am this morning.

On the outside, it’s an elongated iPhone 4S, thinner and sexier in terms of build and finish. It’s also very, very light but apparently still feels like a solid iPhone. No plastic-y cheap feel.
On the inside, it’s an overall upgrade from the 4S. From screen display, front camera, CPU, battery(!) and all that sort of stuff.
The new stuff? A new tiny connector at the bottom that can be plugged in both ways called Lightning. Audio jack at the bottom. And LTE connectivity (yay Telstra~). Oh, and iOS 6.
What’s missing? Mega camera upgrade and NFC – but it’s Apple, they don’t normally bother until it’s more widely used and accepted before plugging it in so perhaps next year. Quite disappointed about no camera upgrade.

So … new connector that will render your accessories useless huh. Yes, it’s very annoying and may seem stupid to you. But this is what pushes technology forward and is usually for the good of everything. A smaller connector means more room for other shit that matters. So I have no issues with it… except the adapter is way too expensive.

I mentioned before I would be disappointed if it was as leaked because I thought it pretty ugly. But seeing the videos and images from Apple, my fanboyism kicked in and My god this thing is really pretty. I’ve been looking forward to a thinner iPhone for a while now and it’s here~

I currently have an iPhone 4S so I’m still um-ing and ahhing about getting the 5. In all honesty, I don’t need it. But I sort of want it, maybe a bit more than sort of. And I know that this upgrade is just enough to make the 4S feel fat and ugly. Being a geek is expensive sometimes.

Should you get it? Anyone with an iPhone older than the 4S – yessssss. I think it’s a good upgrade and you WILL, as always, notice the difference in terms of feel and speed. Nothing too innovative, but a speedier, prettier, lighter version? Why not. 4S owners? If getting the 5 means you can’t get the 6, then I would rather wait for the 6.

If you’re in Australia, you gotta get it with Telstra though, otherwise it’s just pointless.

What do you think? Are you going to get one? It will be released 21st September.


The Telstra plans are out, and yes, I’m not even going to bother looking at Virgin or Optus plans because frankly, their network is still shit in terms of coverage, reliability and speed.

Looking at only the average person’s plan which is a 32GB iPhone and 1.5GB of data, the Telstra plan is $86 / month. That. Is. Just. Fking. Expensive. I’m on the same plan for the 4S last year and it’s less than $70. Crazy. So buying outright and going prepaid is the best option.

I’ve decided against buying one outright because after all, it’s $899 and I just don’t need it. Sigh.


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