Review: Lynn Shanghai

Verdict: Really crap.

I’m going to make a lot of references to Din Tai Fung (DTF), because Lynn Shanghai said they had better dumplings and everyone else seems to compare the two.

Let’s just get straight into the food shall we, and then I’ll explain at the end of my post.

Going left to right.

  1. Milk Pearl Tea – alright, I give you this one. It’s decent.
  2. Steamed Pork Buns $8.80 – first thing we noticed – they’re a lot bigger than DTFs and the taste isn’t bad either. Does it beat DTF? Well, no, but it’s not bad.
  3. Braised Beef Noodle Soup $12.80 – again, a very large bowl and also quite tasty.
  4. Hot & Sour Soup $9.80 – well wtf, is this a restaurant for giants or just large groups only because this is big. Still, pretty tasty.

The images also indicate what arrived first so as you can see, we were pretty happy about the food, although the portions were a lot larger than what we had expected. A little bit too large in fact – and too bad because they don’t offer different sizes like many other restaurants. Size becomes a problem later in our meal.

  1. Green Sprout with Mushroom $16.80 – this came out sweet. Like, ice cream sweet. I’ve never tasted a green sprout dish so bad… so bad… we were sure the chef swapped the sugar and salt.
  2. Baked Sesame Pocket $18.80 – ah, the most expensive dish in this meal and also the worst. If only they had added seasoning then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Absolutely bland.

  1. Beef Belly in Chilli Sauce 12.80 – hmm, doesn’t quite look like what it did in the menu and this may actually beat the baked sesame pocket in terms of how crap it tastes. It’s literally a piece of cold meat with some sweet sauce on it. It’s meant to be an entre, but unfortunately was the size of a main dish.
  2. First piece, last piece, left over Beef Belly in Chilli Sauce – couldn’t quite finish this…

  1. Famous Steamed “Panda Face” Buns $7.90 – very cute isn’t it. Unfortunately tastes like badly cooked frozen buns from a few months ago.
  2. Red Bean inside Panda Face
  3. Failed Panda Face – also left over Panda Face

  1. Steamed Pumpkin Pastry Dumplings $7.80 – haven’t tried this one, but apparently it was one of the decent ones.

All dishes above are their signature dishes. But apparently 50% of the menu are signature dishes too. There’s just something seriously wrong about that.

Did I have high expectations? Yes, it was 83% on urbanspoon and 8.4 on eatability. People and I believe, the owner said it rivaled DTF, of course I had expectations. How did they do? I don’t even… how are they even comparing? They’re a thousand years too early to go against DTF, whether it’s food or service or menu or decor or location.

What was wrong with the large portions? Because by halfway of each dish, it felt like a chore and eventually started tasting like crap. Why oh why did they not have a smaller size hot and sour soup?

Revisit value? None. The meal turned out to be very, very expensive for what it was. I can safely say it is one of the top 5 worst Asian meals I’ve had in Sydney.

So why does urbanspoon and eatability have such a high rating? I have no bloody clue. Because some people just have terrible Asian tastes?

Lynn Shanghai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


9 thoughts on “Review: Lynn Shanghai”

  1. Instead of comparing to DTF, how about New Shanghai, Taste of Shanghai or Chef’s Gallery? What will be your verdict then?

    1. All the ones you’ve listed completely kick Lynn Shanghai’s ass! DTF and Taste of Shanghai come before New Shanghai and Chef’s Gallery for me. These last two aren’t crap, they just aren’t anything special.

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