Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15

Just gonna go out and say it – it’s holy-grail lip balm material.

  • $42 in Australia or otherwise half price everywhere else. Pretty expensive huh?
  • One tin lasts at least 2 years – well holy crap that makes it cheap!
  • One application lasts for a day – my sister, for me – until I wipe my mouth like crazy after eating.
  • Feels awesomely moisturising. Use it all year round.

No cons?

Well, I suppose there is one – it’s in a tin container rather than a tube – so you have to use your grimy fingers. This can be explained though! The substance is harder compared to normal lip balms so may require you to warm it with your fingers, which may also explain why its staying power is a lot longer. I, uh, just breathe into it sometimes…to warm it up.

My sister’s still on her first tin can from more than 2 years ago and I am on my second… but only because I don’t know where I placed the first ha ha ha! Also stocked up from Hong Kong – $20 – real bargain, real win.

High-end products can end up being a better deal sometimes.



Hah yeah… will probably last me until 2013 I reckon.

Do you have a lip balm that lasts forever?

On a related note – Katie Holmes is the new face of Bobbi Brown apparently!


7 thoughts on “Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15”

    1. XD!
      There’s only this one which is more of a clear color. Their tinted lip balms are in tubes and I don’t think they have the same formula as this one.

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