Internet Posts of the Month – August 2012

Incredible title. Also, sharing is caring because I’ve decided to share with you on a monthly basis, unless Lazy strikes, some random posts from le Internet that I find amusing, inspiring, heartbreaking or just plain awesome or even just youshouldtotallyknoworsee material. Better than me sharing it one at a time and spamming you or my own blog.

So here it is, my first IPOTM. I’m going back to whatever date I want so… this will be a long post I’m afraid.


Gets me every time~


9GAG – Better Than You

I think we’ve all seen this, but it needs to be shared again and again and again to remind us that we’re pieces of crap sometimes.

And to help Australia’s awesome reputation

How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

On a related note

That’s for a friend and you know who!

Hot models before and after



This makes me feel quite good about myself… until photogenic guy appeared.

And lastly…

Tell me you did… didn’t you…


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