Review: Organi Honey Peel


Hi guys,

I’ve stopped blogging since forever ago. This post is still gaining views and ultimately the most popular post on this site.

I’m removing it because I no longer use the product, stopped several years ago.

There are a tonne of comments that are more useful down there than the info I provided, thus I’m keeping this page alive.


115 thoughts on “Review: Organi Honey Peel”

  1. Hello everyone,
    There seems to be a pattern here. All Origani’s sales assistants are foreign looking and foreign sounding and very very persuasive, too much for me.

    Example 1:
    I said “no” a dozen times and they kept trying, one product after another, offering discounts that “wouldn’t last forever” when I told them I was on a disciplined shopping trip and had lots more stuff to buy, and then even offering me their employee discount to save me money because I’m “a friend”. Really?
    That’s a bit too much, and Origani should train their employees better.
    So Origani, leave people alone once you’ve demo-ed/discussed your products and give them their space, stop pushing, even if you do it nicely.

    Example 2:
    I said no to two products, they did a “buy one and get one free” offer as well, and I still said no. They compared my “peeled hand” vs my normal hand and asked me if I could see a difference, and I said “no”. I really couldn’t see a difference. These are psychology tricks. And I believe I don’t have that much dead cells although there was a lot of clumping/build up during the peel – because if I did have so much dead stuff on me, then my “peeled hand” would be way better than the other. It was the same!
    Anyway, the night was still young and Origani wasn’t done yet.
    Then they showed me their soap, and I was interested in the Manuka Honey Soap as a gift because my mother loves scented soaps – I got it for $20 (discounted from $40 which is too much anyway) but then they wanted me to buy two bars of soap, not one, urging me to “spoil myself”. I said no.
    And then they started showing me a different product and I thought I would never get to leave. I wasn’t in a hurry but this was not feeling right.

    The guy was nice though, the girl wasn’t. She wasn’t too happy I had bought just soap. Both of them were from the Middle East and having grown up there, I know it’s not Origani that keeps their skin that way although they tried to suggest so. They have pretty skin to start with.

    But I’m not going to buy from them again, even if my mum really loves that soap. The reason is simple – because they wouldn’t give me my space. That doesn’t feel right or respectful towards the customer.

    When I read online, it seems they are all trained to say the exact thing!!! Reminds me of cloning! And I didn’t see a single other customer in that kiosk. Something’s not right with this style of marketing.

    1. Dee, I agree, they are useless. Same technique used on me. After 15 minutes, I had enough and left. She kept talking as I ran through the hallway. They are totally desperate. The products are sham and they work on commission, so I am not surprised. According to her, that was a best selling product that she was showing me, yet I did not see anyone in the 15 minutes come to their corner store.

  2. Hey! How’s the product going so far? ๐Ÿ™‚ so I just made a ridiculous purchase on these products. (same sales tactic, was really really impressed. I’m not also the type to be hooked up on sales, but I was just really happy with the “peeling”). So now I’m just really wondering how the product or the effect of the product has been upon using it for one year or so. (Just to ease up my guilt on spending too much HAHA.)

    Any thoughts on these guys? Would very much appreciate it though. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I also purchased on Monday at Myer Centre Sydney eye cream and face cream and had a reaction after the product had been applied. The sales girl had said I had sensitive skin and was unable to obtain a refund of the purchased products.

    1. WHAT? I am not familiar with the laws in Oz, but in the US any respectable brand will take the products back if you experienced sensitivity. Consult an official consumer rights association for advice. See below: โ€œIf you buy cosmetics, you have rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including that you are generally entitled to return a product that does not do what it is normally supposed to or is unsafe.’
      Don’t let them fool you! You have the right for a return of your money back.

  4. So i just got pushed into buying $360 worth of products (!!!!!!!!!) by the same tactics. and now i am soooo unsure whether i can even return them? aparently they dont do refunds?! I havent opened any of the products…. someone elp!

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