Review: Kai Sydney (with Scoopon voucher)

I don’t go buying lots of group-on vouchers, but when I do, I choose very very carefully since I have been disappointed before. Kai Sydney didn’t have many reviews when I got the voucher from Scoopon for $35 but the menu looked really good! Or… alright, it was the salmon carpaccio, goddamn I love salmon carpaccio.

I bought the voucher around June and only went yesterday, so by then there were quite a few reviews from other Scoopon go-ers. They weren’t positive, not because of the food but the supposedly very poor, slow service. The voucher says you can only have one dish at a time, fair enough, but because of this, many reviewers said the dishes came too slow and weren’t full by the end. I warned le starving bf that he might not be full… so be prepared for crap dinner.

Welp, what can I say? It was awesome!! They were friendly, had quick service and best of all, the food was served very quickly! Although having said that, the restaurant was near empty when we went at 7pm but quickly filled up by the end. And the food? Omnomnom.

Going left to right we ordered

  1. Salmon Carpaccio – yep, tasty-as. This dish normally doesn’t disappoint in most restaurants. Omnomnom+
  2. Wagyu Beef Tataki – different than usual, slightly overcooked but still alright
  3. Assorted Sashimi – totally fresh, even the tuna was nomnom.
  4. Tokyo Duck – this was a pretty lol-dish. We’ve never had ‘Tokyo’ duck, but it’s pretty much mini peking duck. Nothing special here and didn’t like the pancakes.

  1. Deluxe Assorted Sushi and Sashimi
  2. Fried Oyster
  3. Aburi Kingfish Carpaccio – this isn’t actually on their online menu. It’s basically normal carpaccio but seared and since we had salmon already, kingfish it was. Normally salmon’s the goto fish for carpaccio for me, and definitely not seared but this turned out to be really omnomnom too! It was different and that seared grilled taste, oh god.

  1. Nasudengaku – or fried eggplant. Nothing too special but a good different taste from all that fish and it’s vegetable.
  2. My bill – yes, I ordered a green tea for $2, even though we each get a red or white one which we also had.

So there you go, bloody great value for money… for us at least. We must have had just shy of $200 worth of food.

Without the coupon though, no, we wouldn’t be eating this much, not with the prices! Would we go back? Not regularly, but sure, it would be considered if we’re near Neutral Bay. Even if it’s just for the carpaccios. The assorted sushi and sashimi are a little bit too expensive for the quantity that we get, so that might be off the list next time.

Overall, very satisfied. Le bf also gave the thumbs up.

Kai Sydney at Neutral Bay

Kai Sydney on Urbanspoon


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