Do I have Rosacea?

I probably do. And it’s pronounced roh-zay-sha according to the Internet.

You know, it never occurred to me that I might actually have another skin condition other than eczema. And hey, if you already have eczema, you would assume anything weird happening to your skin would most likely be eczema right?

So of courseeee I brushed the frequent redness, the red bumps that aren’t pimples/black/whiteheads and dry flaky skin aside as eczema, even though it had crossed my mind that they were incredibly weird for an eczema condition considering it wasn’t itchy or anything like normal eczema. But hey, whateves right?

I think I have mild rosacea.

What is rosacea? Weelll, a picture paints a thousand wo…

That’s what it looks like on my cheeks, it’s mild but nonetheless can be annoying. The lil red bumps are called papules. Comes and goes, the little f*kers.

You see, besides the red bumps and redness and flaky dry skin, the other symptoms and ‘initial’ symptoms are apparently flushing and blushing! I flush and blush like crazy when under pressure or heat. And when I have a sip of alcohol, I turn into a tomato… so maybe it isn’t the Asian flush after all EH EH EH?

Although having said that, does that mean I had rosacea when I was a baby!?

Who knows? And here people were jealous of my ‘natural blush’ back in the day hohoho

Am I going to a dermatologist to properly diagnose this?

Nahhhhh, I’ve seen two or three dermatologists in my life and frankly, that’s enough. I don’t like them. Rosacea, like every other disease I have is non-curable and can only be ‘treated’ individually. So far, they haven’t helped. So what am I going to do? Find my own bloody solution and you bet I’m working on it (and blog about it).

Do you have any skin condition? Do you think you do? If you haven’t, like me, had eczema all your life and think you have ‘something’… please, go see a doctor. Sheesh.

P.S I bought a Clarisonic Mia recently and have so far used 3 times in a fortnight… I think it’s actually working but I’ll post about it later when I’ve tried it a few more times!


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