What NOT to buy now: Tablets & iPhones

If you’re on the lookout for a new iPhone/smartphone or a new tablet, I say WAAAAAAIT A MINUTE.

Simply put, Apple will be announcing and releasing the new 6th generation iPhone and very possibly an iPad Mini in September. Some of you may be anti-Apple, but wait, there’s more! Microsoft will be releasing the new Microsoft Surface along with Windows 8 in October.

Not many people know what a Microsoft Surface is, most likely because it was pretty random. But you see, the Surface is probably the very first hybrid laptop + tablet and is actually an innovative product when compared to the iPad (this means Apple won’t be suing them like their bff Samsung). By default, it’s probably in direct competition with the iPad but I might go as far as even including the MacBook Air.

Its design is different. It’s a tablet with a detachable keyboard and runs a full operating system (a first). An OS practically designed for this device. AND it’s meant to be thinner than the iPad with better battery life, so a big holy crap there. Of course, they’ve been pretty secretive until now so it could be a bomb, but it is definitely a must-see so far, particular the price…

As for the iPad Mini, well, it’s always interesting to see what Apple can pull out of its ass in response to competition (Nexus 7). Although, if it really is just the iPad in a smaller version then I might be a bit disappointed. We shall see eh!? The rumoured announcement is on the 12th of September!


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