Ferragosto Festival at Five Dock


Went to the Ferragasto Festival at Five Dock yesterday and besides being a giant light bulb for my sister and her bf, it was cool.

Aaaaand festivals this size are all about the food. I’d say 95%  of the stalls were food. Which is great because that’s what we were there for!

We had a gozleme, pizza, assorted skewers, grilled prawns and octopus and fresh lemonade. Om nomnom~

I’ve only ever had gozleme once at some foodcourt and it was pretty terrible. Never again I thought, but le sister told me gozleme at proper Italian festivals are omnomnom-worthy. Twas true. ;_;

The heartbreaking thing was the FACT THAT I COULD NOT EAT THEM PANCAKES… I was too full.

It was windy but not windy enough to deter the hundreds of people there. Love festivals (food), yet I don’t recall going to too many in the past several years I’ve been in Sydney. Must. Go. To. More. Which is why I’ll also be going to the Granny Smith Festival later in October. Supposedly much bigger too. Hurrah!


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